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The Madness Has Been Unleashed! 


The Madness is here! How will you prepare to counter the might of the Stuffie Supporters and their massive pile of evergrowing stuffies? You may even get mesmerized and lost in the massive mountain of plush...

New Cards and New Combos!


Control both you and your opponent's side of the field like never before with all the new Stuffie Madness Equip Toy Cards. Stall and cause so many shenanigans that your opponent won't know how fast their Padding Power Meter Zone filled up so quickly or how they ran out of cards so fast? It happens that quick!

Play In Style!

Now that you have got the game down, why not show off your pro status with an official Padding Power TCG Playmat?

With this playmat you'll be able to have a much more improved gameplay experience. Your cards will be organized according to their proper zones and wont slip away due to the premium neopreme material that the playmat is made out of. So play like a pro and snag yourself this awesome playmat.

Don't get lost in shuffle and make sure to grab a hold of the Madness and hang on tight!

Padding Power TCG Stuffie Madness Playmat.png
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