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When do New Product Premieres happen?

New additions to the game are always exciting and fun! We try to produce new structure decks and expansion sets as often as possible and when we do, we have special events called New Product Premieres. New Product Premieres can happen when a new booster pack, structure deck, playmat, or a new accessory is scheduled to be released. If you would like to stay up to day all on upcoming events and new releases, be sure to follow Padding Power TCG on social media and check back here on the regular for additional information and events.


Pre-Releases and Patreon

As a reward for members of the Padding Power TCG Patreon, they have gained the exclusive right to participate in Pre-Releases.​ Want to support Padding Power TCG even further and gain access to the Pre-Release events? Join the Padding Power TCG Patreon "Booster" or "Master" tier to unlock this reward. Once you have done so, you'll be able to order the latest cards or accessories and have them in hand weeks before the public release of any new product(s). 

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