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Partner up and challenge your friends to a game of Padding Power in non-ranked play. Unlock new strategies and learn all the ins and outs of your cards. This a great way to make new friends and share your love of Little Space and bond with other fellow Padding Power TCG enthusiasts.

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Padding Power Championship tournament.png

The greatest battles in Padding Power history will take place in these jammed packed tournaments!
Do you have what it takes to master your Padding
Power and lay claim to the title of being called Padding Power 
Champion? Join our Discord Server to participate in open organized play and in ranked, monthly tournament play.

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Padding Power has yearly releases of new Booster
Packs or Structure Deck(s). These new sets are released in the mid to late summer of each year and for members of Padding Power TCG's Subscribe Star, they get access to those new sets early. Along with a litany of other fun and very interactive rewards. Consider supporting Padding Power by not only buying product, but through Subscribe Star as well. 

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