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New to Padding Power TCG?

Welcome to Padding Power TCG! The power of your padding is now in your hands (well at least when you play this game) and now it is going to be up to the last dry Little One standing, to determine the GREATEST Padding Power Champion! Use your skill and strategy in a fun and slightly twisted game all about making your opponent pee their pants...

Padding Power TCG is the first-ever ABDL Powered Trading Card Game. What does that mean exactly? It means, that this game is fueled by the amazing community that we share. I have always been enthralled with games, especially with trading card games and I wanted to combine this passion with my love for the community. The result created this card game and has also allowed me to express a very creative side of myself. 

How does the game feel and play, you ask? The game is a fun hybrid between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. Both are very familiar games that I am sure you all have played or seen played at some point. Padding Power TCG features very easy-to-learn mechanics, that make for quick and dynamic gameplay between you and your opponent. Once you pick up your first structure deck and play a few games with your friends, you'll pick up the game in no time!

How long does a typical game last? Depending on the strategy you choose, the cards you play,  and the speed of your deck; a game can last anywhere between fifteen minutes or up to one hour. Of course, any game can also last, as quick as a few turns or as little as one turn. It all comes down to skill and the luck of the draw. But don't be discouraged if a quick game happens. That only means that the next game will be even more fun and challenging.

The most important and key mechanic of this game is fun. Have fun while playing and creating your deck. Pour your personality into creating into it by utilizing all your favorite cards that Padding Power TCG has to offer. Trade with your friends and collect rare cards that will best strengthen your deck. Whether you play competitively or casually with friends, please have as much fun as possible. Now get your game on and become a  Padding Power Champion!

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