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Meet the Creator of Padding Power TCG

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                                                               Hi, I'mZaciRoo! I have been publicly a part of the ABDL                                                                             community for nearly 10 years. It has been my mission and goal                                                               to share love and encouragement with all the Littles, Middles,                                                                   Bigs, and Caregivers of the world. I have been so happy since I                                                                 have been able to share one of the truest sides of myself with                                                                   amazing and like-minded people. Over the years, I have wanted                                                               to add something truly unique and fun to this very special                                                                           community and it came to me one night while watching a                                                                           cartoon from the late 2000's called "Chaotic". I thought,                                                                               "wouldn't it be so cool if the ABDL community had its own                                                                           trading card game?"


     Nothing with ancient properties or powerful creatures or codes that unlock digital beings or monsters. But a game where we are the center point of the entire game. A game where Caregivers are represented as a positive driving force behind a core mechanic of the game. Where toys are always played with and shenanigans are very much encouraged. Of course, these are only the infant (no pun intended) stages of the game and I do plan on adding even more fun mechanics to the game and additional features. But for now, I do hope you all enjoy this game and all the new cards I plan on creating in the near future. So please stay tuned for all the fun excitement that is on its way.

Have fun and Many Hugs,


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