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Say Hello to the Amazing Viridi

You can see even more of my work in the Furry Takeover expansion. Zaci commissioned me to create the "Call of the Boon" archetype and other single cards in this set. He gave me his vision for the cards and let me run with it . Based on his reactions, I think it is pretty safe to say that he loves the arts I made for those cards. 



I'm Viri, a digital artist that loves to work creating cute creations from character designs to silly little scenes. I'm constantly trying to improve my art and make something more ambitious than the last. 

While I'm not always open for commissions, I am happy for people to drop by and leave me a message if you have something in mind. If not, I should be advertising the occasional openings over on my twitter if you want to check me out!

Boon Formation FA_edited.jpg
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