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Where can I play?

A game of Padding Power TCG can happen anywhere you feel comfortable playing. Whether that is in person with friends or virtually via our Discord Server or (eventually) Padding Power TCG Online. 


Will there be tournaments?

Most certainly! Over the next few months, Padding Power TCG will be hosting monthly tournaments virtually via our Discord Server. These monthly tournaments will feature prizes for the winners and slots for the Grand Championship Tournament at the end of the year. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the latest news for new products, events, and information.

Competetive Ranked Play

Once tournament play begins, we will begin ranking all participating players via the Padding Power Point System.

This system will tally your victories and place you in a qualifying bracket with other players. This will also rank you based on the total number of points you have accumulated in accordance with other player's respective rankings.

Do I have to play Competitively?

Absolutely not! You can play for fun or competitively or even both if you wish. As long as you have fun and enjoy your time playing with friends is the ultimate goal, and is what matters most.

Can I collect without playing?

Totally! Trading Card Games can be both collecting and playing or just collecting the cards because you like them. Whichever way brings you the most joy, please do it the way the makes you happiest.

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