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The Padding Heros Have Returned! 


A new evil looms in the universe. One that aims to to destroy ABDL as we know it, but fear not for the Padding Heroes are back and stronger than ever!

New Cards & New Mechanics!


The Padding Heroes first debut in Little's Invasion and have seen minor support here and there in Padding Power's most recent expansions like Mystic Alliance and Shining Stars. These all new Padding Hero cards coupled with the new Middle Card mechanic are a sure setup to victory against your opponent and the looming threat that is the Void.

Play In Style!

Play in style and flair with this limited edition Padding Hero themed Padding Power TCG Playmat. This premium playmat is printed on the highest quality neoprene and is designed for continuous use and play. Become the ultimate Padding Hero and defeat the Void.

With this playmat you'll be able to have a much more improved gameplay experience. Your cards will be organized according to their proper zones and won't slip away due to the premium neoprene material that the play mat is made out of. So play like a pro and snag yourself this awesome playmat.

Now Available!

Padding Power TCG Heroes Unite Playmat.png
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