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Padding Power is turning into a Furry Party! What Shenanigans will take place and once again the game has evolved and changed with the introduction of an all new mechanic...

New Shenanigans Mechanic!


Introducing the new Shenanigans Card Type! This card type allows you to play this card during any players turn to stop your opponent from completing certain actions and mechanics of the game. This card can stop any card effect from Toy Cards, Little One Cards, Middle Cards, Caregiver Cards and other Shenanigans Cards. This new card type will make its debut in Furry Takeover!

Set Release Date

The current (soft) release date for the Furry Takeover Expansion is scheduled to be in October 2023. Be sure to follow Padding Power TCG on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on the release date and check back here for more information. 

Furry Power Up Box

Furry Takeover Booster Packs will be available in a special edition Power Up Box. The special edition boxes will come with 5 Furry Takeover Booster Packs

Patreon Pre-Release

If you wish to further support Padding Power TCG and gain access to the Furry Takeover Patreon Pre-Release, please consider becoming a member of the Padding Power TCG Patreon. The Furry Takeover Pre-Release is scheduled to take place Friday, September 29th, 2023. Click the button below to join the Padding Power TCG Patreon.

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