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Padding Power TCG Needs Artists!

Padding Hero - Bubbyman Card Sprite.png
Spell Book of Friendly Magic Card Sprite.png

Hey there!


Do you want to be apart of an amazing community that loves Little Space and Trading Card Games? Do you have the creative passion and drive to create art and want it to be seen by many?

Well Padding Power TCG would love to have you! We need amazing peeps such as yourself and with your talent coupled with ZaciRoo's vision for the game the world of Padding Power TCG can continue to grow and thrive!

ZaciRoo can't do this all himself and would love the help! Let's start a conversation and build a new friendship!

Email: and let's start working together today!

Master Magician's Little Assistant Card Sprite.png
Unstable Power Wand Card Sprite.png
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