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The Shining Stars Have Arrived!


​Shield your eyes! As the Shining Stars of Padding Power are finally here and just in time for Padding Power TCG's 2 year anniversary! Shining Stars features an all new mechanic and over 40 new cards. In addition to all the new cards in Shining Stars, cards previously printed that did not receive the holographic treatment have been reprinted in and in other fantastic rarities. 

New Middle Power Mechanic!


The latest mechanic being introduced in Padding Power is the new Middle Card and Middle Power ability. This new and game changing cards can drastically change the landscape of an active game and can sway victory in your favor. But with great power comes great responsibility and great risk. If a Middle Card gets sent to the Padding Power Meter Zone, then you must also send the Little One Card you Powered Up to a Middle Card to your Padding Power Meter Zone as well.

Set Release Date

The current (soft) release date for the Mystic Alliance Expansion is scheduled to be in October 2022. Be sure to follow Padding Power TCG on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on the release date and check back here for more information. 

Special Edition Power Up Box

The Shining Stars Booster Pack will also be available in a special edition Power Up Box. The special edition boxes will come with 5 Shining Stars Booster Packs and all cards in those packs will be holographic! In fact! All cards in the Shining Stars set are holographic!

Patreon Pre-Release

If you wish to further support Padding Power TCG and gain access to the Shining Stars Patreon Pre-Release, please consider becoming a member of the Padding Power TCG Patreon. The Shining Stars Pre-Release is scheduled to take place Friday, September 2nd, 2022. Click the button below to join the Padding Power TCG Patreon.

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