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The Princess of Padding Power is Here! 


The Poof Poof Princess has arrived to claim her kingdom! With her loyal subjects and a mass of Poof Poofs at her disposal, nothing will stand in her crinkly majesties way.

New Cards and New Combos!


The Rise of the Poof Poof Princess structure features 18 new cards and reprints of cards from Littles Invasion and Mystic Alliance. These cards paired up together, create some of the most powerful combos the game has seen so far. You will rule the board with the supreme might and power of the Poof Poof Princess!

Play In Style!

What else could a princess need other than a seemingly unlimited supply of Poof Poofs? A regal and royal playmat of course! One that will not only compliment her and her many subjects, but will aid in creating smooth and seamless gameplay.

With this playmat you'll be able to have a much more improved gameplay experience. Your cards will be organized according to their proper zones and won't slip away due to the premium neoprene material that the play mat is made out of. So play like a pro and snag yourself this awesome playmat.

Now Available!

Padding Power TCG Rise of the Poof Poof Princess Playmat.png
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