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05/30/22 | Rise of the Poof Poof Princess Structure Deck Pre-Release


Virtual Tournament via Discord

All rise and prepare to greet your Princess of all da Poof Poofs in the land. For she and her loyal subjects are on their way to rule Padding Power. . .

Get ready to test your skill and your mastery of Padding Power! The first-ever Padding Power TCG tournament to name the first-ever Padding Power TCG champion is here! Join us on May 13th @ 6pm CST in the Padding Power Discord Server to participate. We hope to see you there!

04/01/22 | Stuffie Madness Structure Deck Release

The Madness is here! Battle for control of Padding Power with a new wave of cards designed to stall and deck out your opponent. Control what your opponent does or rather doesn't do next. Fight back and maintain the Madness and win with a MASSIVE Stuffie pile that will overtake your opponent in the most soft and very cuddly defeat EVER! 

03/01/22 | Stuffie Madness Structure Deck Pre-Release

The Madness is coming! How will you prepare to counter the might of the Stuffie Supporters and their massive pile of ever growing stuffies? Join the Padding Power TCG Patreon (tier 2 & above) to unlock and participate in this pre-release.

01/20/22 | Mystic Alliance Power Up Box Release

The Mystic Alliance as been officially blinged out! Check out all the new Mystic Alliance cards in all new holographic prints and designs.

12/31/21 | Mystic Alliance Power Up Box Pre-Release

Your binder and deck are not going to look the same after this major upgrade to the Mystic Alliance. . .


Mystic Alliance Release

The Power of the Mystic Alliance has been unleashed! Can you wield the Power of the Spell Books and channel their immense magic? Get your very own Mystic Alliance Booster Packs here or your Mystic Alliance Booster Boxes here.


Mystic Alliance Pre-Release

The power of magic has been revealed at an incredibly young age to a select group of little ones. This amazing group of talented little ones will do great things. But will their heart stay pure? Or will the dark arts lead them to do very naughty things. . .


The Adventure Force Has Arrived

The Adventure Force has arrived and you already know them quite well! The Crinklz Crew and I have teamed up to bring you this all-new Padding Power TCG experience! Get your Adventure Force - Space Brigade Structure Deck here and your Adventure Force - Sea Adventurers Structure Deck here. Who knows what power awaits you, controlling both the Adventure Force Structure Decks?


The Little's Inavasion Has Began

Welcome to Padding Power TCG! The power of your padding is now in your hands (well at least when you play this game) and now it is going to be up to the last dry Little One standing, to determine the GREATEST Padding Power Champion! Use your skill and strategy in a fun and slightly twisted game all about making your opponent pee their pants... Get your Little's Invasion Booster Pack by clicking here.

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