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Padding Hero - Bubbyman Card Sprite.png
Master Magician's Little Assistant Card Sprite.png
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Unstable Power Wand Card Sprite.png
Spell Book of Friendly Magic Card Sprite.png
Emma the Aspiring Nurse Card Sprite.png

The Mystic Alliance has Appeared 


Hailing from the Hidden School of the Unseen Arts comes the Mystic Alliance. Wonderfully talented and very young for their age, little magicians that practice the many ancient and sacred arts of magic. 

The Mystic Alliance Booster Pack


The all-new Mystic Alliance Expansion set will feature over 60 new cards and 2 new rarities! Each Mystic Alliance Booster Pack will contain 10 standard art cards. Inside the Special Edition Box, all of the cards are holographic! Did we just mention holographic cards? Oh yea! Shimmering Rare, Full Art, and Rainbow Rare cards are now a thing! How super, freaking exciting is that? You'll also see some new support in this set for "Padding-Hero" and "Adventure Force" cards and a few other surprises. . .

Set Release Date

The current (soft) release date for the Mystic Alliance Expansion is scheduled to be in October 2021. Be sure to follow Padding Power TCG on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on the release date and check back here for more information. 

Special Edition Boxes

Unlike the Little's Invasion Booster Pack, you'll be able to purchase the Mystic Alliance Booster Pack in Booster Boxes, Single Packs and in a special edition box. The special edition box will come with 3 Mystic Alliance Booster Packs and all cards in those packs will be holographic! The booster boxes come with 20 standard Mystic Alliance Booster Packs. All 3 of these will be available for pre-release and for purchase upon release. 

Patreon Pre-Release

If you wish to further support Padding Power TCG and gain access to the Mystic Alliance Patreon Pre-Release, please consider becoming a member of the Padding Power TCG Patreon. The Mystic Alliance Expansion Pre-Release is scheduled to take place at the end of September 2021. Click the button below to join the Padding Power TCG Patreon.

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